How long until I receive my order?

Delivery time varies depending on where you live, and the specific design you ordered. As many designs take longer than others to prepare. As a general rule we say anywhere from 10-14 days, but some may take longer. 

Where is my order being shipped from?

The Soul Shop has two warehouses, one in the US and the other in China, depending on the design you choose it will be shipped from one of those two places. 

How can I ensure my order will fit?

Please utilize the sizing charts provided with each item description to ensure items fitting properly. If you are unsure please email our team at Help@SoulShopping.co

I have seen similar products to these online, why is this?

Yes! We are partnered with many amazing brands and companies. We work together to promote each others designs. For example if we feel their product aligns with our brand and design elements then we will add it to our store collection and vice versa. This is called partnered marketing. 

We are aware of a few copying instances where our designs have been reproduced. Although frustrating, we take this as a compliment and aren't worried. Please check your clothing tags to ensure it is coming from a brand you feel aligned with. 

What is the price that appears on my package?

Any packaging fees may also appear on the item as our products are packaged by our team in China. These are company fees and do not require any customer action.

My item does not fit, what should I do?

Please email our team at Info@SoulShopping.co and we will help you to arrange a swap, or refund :)